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Facing Challenges in Yoga with Xane Wellness

There are a few ways to tone the body and calm the mind. Yoga is a combination of the two. Being a gym rat is not ideal for many and can become overwhelming. The intensity developed from going to the gym is not for everyone and sometimes discourages rather than encourage.

Gym anxiety is an accumulation of different fears people associate with working out. Attending the gym is not the end of your new body transformation. Get creative by working out outside or inside your own home. Whether you began going to the local track or just purchased your first yoga matt, there are options. 

The yoga practice is a well-known alternative. Yoga dates back over 5,000 years with numerous benefits being discovered and experienced including, increasing muscle strength, weight loss, and improved vitality. For most yogis, the benefits exceed expectations and become a continuing practice. However, others have challenges getting the hang of things.

A few opinions can occur when examining the yogi life from the outside. First, it can be mistaken for being more relaxed than a workout at the gym, but it can be equally intense. Instead of gym devices to aid your conditioning, you utilize your innate body power. Secondly, there is a conditioned comparison between typical humans. Unhealthy comparisons result in fear of judgment, which hinders from reaching the highest potential.

We find there to be multiple obstacles an average person faces when practicing yoga.
Being disciplined

Remaining disciplined can convert a more effortless task by setting an intention. Understanding why you are trying this practice and the desired results you want will ultimately retain your drive and discipline. 

Prioritizing time

Time management is a hurdle in itself. Scheduling a time to practice without interruptions or disturbances is most useful. When scheduling time for a piece of mind, it appears different than a time surrounded by chaos.

Exercising alone

Exercising alone can become dull and idle. Invite a friend to do a 30-minute yoga session or join a group class. Today, participating in virtual yoga classes can be enjoyable.

Building sequences that are challenging

Sometimes you are not as good as imagined. A few good days on the mat does not mean it is time to advance in yoga poses. Keep a steady pace and advance in poses in small steps.

Facing injuries that you have to work through

Having an injury can discourage the practice. Yoga is a great healing technique for many types of physical damages. Most athletes turn to yoga after suffering from an injury in which there are multiple ways to get through the process.

Practicing proper breathing techniques

It is essential to learn how to breathe consciously. Proper breathing techniques ensure the prevention of damaging the body. Your brain activates a different part when you breathe correctly as well.

Worrying about doing it right

The distraction of worry about doing it like your instructor or neighbor can prevent your progression. The key is focusing on what your body can endure and your limits. If you focus on yourself, it allows improvement in your practice; excelling you to the next level.

Photography by 3lemental.angel

We spoke to not only a consumer of the practice but an instructor as well. Not a ray of light, but a Rae Of Light is what she is. Raven Veasy is a new millennial renaissance, yoga instructor, digital author, owner of Xane Wellness, and the list goes on. A divine soul committed to strengthening others, Raven began practicing Yoga in June of 2015. Following the completion of undergrad at Auburn Univerity, at Montgomery, she leveled up from being a beginner yogi to becoming an instructor. 

Sitting nearly beside a water stream, Raven recalls her journey into yoga and the challenges she faced. As an instructor, Raven has had to learn how to keep her energy centered while teaching. Committed to creating a safe place for her yogis while providing services, she sets the intention to stay grounded within. According to Raven, you have to prepare just like any other teacher with students pouring energy and attention. 

Raven also gives three ways she finds it can be a hurdle as a student on the mat.

The idea of what yoga should be.

Surrender to your practice.

Know you are worthy of consistent self-care.

You can only focus on your practice and everything your body is capable of doing. Countless people discredit themselves in yoga, while others overperform. There is a healthy balance to be exercised to avoid facing the challenges she did. The idea that everything has to be perfect was a misconception of what she originally thought. You don’t have to know each pose and your toes don’t have to look like a ballerina’s. You have to comprehend the authenticity of what yoga is for your anxieties to be put at ease.

“Focus on being in one’s body and not the body of the class,”   


Falling into the surrender allowed Raven to learn when her body was okay with certain poses or techniques. Listening to the body isn’t much of a standard competence as you may believe. All of the challenges she faced were a representation of self-doubt or overprocessed thoughts on whether she’s truly worthy.

“Resistance speaks to us when we are embarking on a new way of life,”


It’s key to live a purpose-driven life and after being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for four years, Raven felt the need to expand. Through the ups and downs of self-love and inactive relationships, Raven realized she was not living her truth but instead became a mute in her own body. She made sure her clothes were on point and her hair was slayed but she failed to show her vigorous personality.

She stepped on to her mat facing her challenges head-on. Advocating for those who are beginners, Raven became a vessel during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Recognizing the same resistance in others, she persisted in helping bring unity and comfort to a sacred space. Yoga helped her understand who she had become after college and as a new businesswoman. No matter what anxiety existed, she stayed focused on her discipline.

Raven launched into entrepreneurship in 2015, when she became a licensed lash technician. It took development for her to step fully into her entrepreneurial path. First, she launched Minx by Raven, a business that eventually capped. She grew to proceed into yoga instructing after being a student yogi for two years while running Minx. During the time, she faced many traumas and unfortunate experiences and became dedicated furthermore to the practice of yoga and wellness.

Raven, set to become the next renowned clairsentient medium in the media market. Recently publishing her debut digital book, Begin Again: A Energy Guide for Healing Trauma. The e-book is dear to Raven as she finds her experiences towards healing to be similar to so many others. 

With a confident spirit, she has developed Xane Organix, a line of products that contributes to healing spiritually, mentally, and physically. From handcrafted Yoniverse Blends to respiratory immunity Tea, there is plenty of options to choose from at Xane’s Wellness

A product of centering on the mat, Raven is proof of the natural benefits of yoga. Nothing in life persists without a challenge. Yoga may have a few misunderstood impressions but in all is one of the best forms of wellness. 

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