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Top 10 Wellness Souls to Follow on Instagram

Everyone is talking about the quarantine gains most people have acquired. When gyms closed and the emergency stock up on groceries, it was clear many gym rats and yogis would have time to take advantage of at-home wellness. Six months into the Covid-19 Pandemic, the average overworked American has adhered to the new comfortability of being at home and having time to spare to do enjoyable activites. With time to step up wellness care, the focus on taking care of the mind and body has heightend. It takes dedicated physical work and mental awareness to accomplish the goals of heathy linving. Anxiety for most is in over-drive during a pandemic and can intensify pre-existing mental disorders. 

2020 has provided time for adults to develop routines and practices that help them cope with stress and anxiety at a different capacity. Work-related stress heavily impacts the mental health of employees by causing them to become burnt out and incapable of producing work effectively. This stress can create a strain at home and in personal relationships.

Picking up new habits and releasing old ones can be challenging. Resources can be found around the web on platforms like Reddit, with ways to overcome bad habits, answered by professional doctors and physicians. George Mumford is a mindfulness and performance expert, who wrote, The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance. George is known for collaborating with Phil Jackson and the Los Angeles Lakers in the early 90s after being connected through Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. George Mumford is known as The Mindfulness Performance Whisperer. After suffering from injuries and sub coming medications and heroin, he pursued meditation as a route to sobriety. He gained his sobriety with help from Dr. Kabat-Zinn, who had a program dedicated to mindfulness and stress reduction. Years later, George began working with prominent NBA athletes to teach them meditative practices in combination with their performance as athletes.

The connection is what started the journey. George wasn’t afraid to use his resources or partner with other people to create better opportunities for those suffering from mental stresses. Teaching the athletes mindfulness and how to incorporate wellness into their everyday life, resulted in helping the Chicago Bulls overcome the stress of success after Michael Jordan retired from the team.

Joining a team or a group dynamic can be beneficial when attempting your wellness journey. Most wellness coaches and trainers work with a partner or in collaborative efforts like teaching; helping others while helping yourself. After achieving sobriety, working with athletes to help them overcome, and writing a book dedicated to wellness and performance, there is a huge inspirational factor when it comes to George Mumford. You can keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram. Be Inspired and stay connected.



Excluded and away from average contact with fitness trainers, therapists, and wellness coaches only left one immeditate resource, the internet. Instagram has become popular as most use it to find people, businesses, and ways to shop. Most links are placed in the bio, making it easy access to explore pass what the platform offers. TSSM found some of the best wellness souls to follow with easy to access services.

Here are 10 Wellness and Fitness accounts to follow on Instagram and beyond.

1.@Hippie _Heathen

The founder of Sisters of Yoga is a burst of energy. She shares skin routines and provides beginner guidance in yoga fitness, all while consciously mothering. The mother of two dedicates her time to holistic wellness and self-exploration while encouraging other women to pursue healthy living. You can find how-to strategies and suggested poses to do while binging on Netflix.



Derrick “DJ” Townsel, a yoga instructor and health coach, provide virtual wellness retreats. Former NFL wide receiver turned certified yoga instructor has 102K followers who follow his journey to different parts of the world practicing and teaching yoga. Egypt is the planned location for the next physical wellness retreat.



Old or young, many people can benefit from a little inspiration and guidance. You don’t come across many teen wellness influencers until now. Realizing the importance of sharing her wellness journey has resulted in this young woman’s favor as she is a Herbal Life coach. You’ll be able to make your own delicious Herbal Life pancakes after keeping up with @Its_buddie_luv


Get you some Herbal in your life today.


She’s been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, and has partnered with Apple watch to share her fitness and wellness lifestyle. With 30 years of experience as a trainer and a health coach, it created opportunities for opening the Hollywood Trainer Club. Jeanette’s fitness workout is at the top of YouTube’s all-time fitness list.



Owner of Level 3 Yoga, Audrey Cash is a 200-hour certified yogi. Even while social distancing, you can physical training from Audrey with her mobile yoga services and pop up events. With the downfall of mental health in the workplace, you can also book private classes for you and your co-workers.



Phyllicia Bonanno holds a BFA and MFA and teaches visual arts full time. She is co-founder of Sisters of Yoga and founder of Daughters of Culture, where she hopes to inspire women to continue to be authentic in their healing and culture. Shape Magazine, Om Yoga, and Cosmopolitan magazine acknowledge the certified reiki practitioner and sound therapist wellness work. With the sound goddess, you can reap deep cleansing by following along with what Phyllicia has to offer.



Offering warrior and obstacle training, Clyde Hampton is an owner and trainer at the renowned establishment, Ninja Ft Gym. He is an advocate for Black men practicing yoga and fitness and shares his skills and training across multiple wellness platforms. Clyde also teaches Acro Yoga, a practice for you and your partner. You can watch live classes on Instagram by the yogi every Saturday.



Eating well can be tricky when you are beginning your journey to wellness. Tejal is a personal trainer and nutrition specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina. Virtual Bootcamp or online one on one training is available along with meal prep plans and nutritional guidance.



Internationally known as a performance coach and trainer, Monica Jones is a DMV native. Partnered with Under Armour and Bash Boxing, she is fierce in fitness. Monica has been a personal trainer for eight years after kicking things off in 2012, and while she is in popular demand on Instagram, she also stays connected with her followers with quick Q&As. You can find videos to workout with Monica on the Under Armour YouTube channel or on MyFitnessPal.



A soulful and southern taste with a vegan twist, Jenné Claiborne is a well renowned vegan chef, author, YouTuber, and blogger. Health coach Jenné has a love for sweet potatoes and family, which helped lead her to become a chef and cooking instructor. You can visit for where to purchase her vegan cookbook with 100 easy to make recipes.


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