Bottles Up In Puerto Rico

Many millennials might not know the tricks to navigate the everyday household task. Numerous hacks are used to accomplish your chores. There is no doubt that in modern times, a busy work-life can keep people from doing traditional things. Growing up for many Saturday mornings would be ideal for the entire family to wake up and clean the house. 

According to parents, there is always something to clean. Using Coca Cola would be one of many things Tatinisha would learn while growing up in a home filled with her siblings and cousins, who were also more like siblings. Each one would get a task, cleaning the bathroom, laundry, yard work, cooking dinner, and the kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen was Tatinisha’s chore; and it consists of more than sweeping and wiping counters, but also soaking burnt pots and pans. 

It started when she was a child and learned that Coke cleans pennies and an older aunt taught her how to use it to clean as well. Giving her these instructions:

1. Pour Coca Cola and Dawn soap in the pans and let boil for 30-50 minutes on the stove

2. Scrub them with a scouring pad, 

3. Refill them with only dawn and water for another 10 minutes, 

4. Empty pan

5. Re-wash, rinse, dry, and put them away.

Once complete, the pots and pans are like new again.

Coca Cola has been used for decades as a degreaser. Tati recalls her uncles also using it to clean car batteries. According to Tatinisha, as a kid, she thought he was ruining the battery and told her aunt. 

“He’s breaking your battery and now you can’t drive me to the candy store”

A family hack passed from generation to generation. Although Tatinisha doesn’t drink Coke, she keeps a 6-pack tucked in her cupboard for special degreasing. If you cook eggs, stews, kinds of pasta, or rice then your pans may need this hack. There’s no reason to keep buying new cookware because the pans won’t come clean. Maybe a cooking timer and a Coke will do the due diligence. Kidding, but seriously save your time and money.

Now when traveling Tatinisha has grown to love and collect unique Coke bottles. Below Tatinisha is visiting Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Photos by: @shanijournals

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