Entertainment is better when it’s sweet.

Uncovering the sweetness of the culture.

There is something sweet about our culture.

Our platform offers a sweet and tranquil space for the culture of hip-hop and the African American community to speak about what drives them in this industry and the world. We Cover entertainment, wellness, and entrepreneurship in a safe and supportive environment. Capturing the sweetness of the struggle that so many are faced with everyday. There is always a way to sweeten things up so stay sweet.

The sweetest place to be you and share your music & your story.

Music is what brings us together and get us through our journey to our purpose. Music was created for our culture before there was flesh to dance to it. This is a place for music lovers in different stages of life to come together and explore new thoughts and ideas while being able to relate. The time is now to heal & protect our culture and what’s better than a platform catered to us the SWEET WAY!

Sauced With Earthly Energy Throughout

“Be the person you expect to light up the room when they enter. Enter the room. Be you. Light up someone else life”.

Shanice King (Shani Sweets)